If you wish to send your request via E-Mail, please follow these 4 easy steps below:

Step 1: Right Click/Save Link or Target As to download our Advertising Agreement Form.
Step 2: Open and Fill out the form using Acrobat Reader. (Download Adobe Acrobat Reader Here)
Step 3: Fill out the entire form and Save it to your computer.
Step 4: Attach the form and your logo (if any) to a new e-mail and send it to: sales@florida-relocation.com

Note 1: Advise us if you have a LOGO you wish to upload or if you wish for us to create one for you!
Note 2: You must make a payment of $99 for the entire year before your listing can be live on our web site.
Note 3: Payment will be made over the phone with a Florida-Relocation.com Representative.

If you have any questions, Please don't hesitate to conatct us at (813) 438-3515



Please allow 24 Hours for us to respond to your request.


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