This Checklist is a great tool designed to make your move stress-free.

Step 1: Clear out your old home

             * Discontinue utilities and services at your old home
             * Homeowners: Follow-Up on repairs & commitments you made as a result of the home 
             * Renters: Leave your home in good condition to ensure your security deposit is refunded.
             * If you're moving a refrigerator, defrost it at least 24 hours in advance.
             * Sell or donate un-wated items. is a a great website for this.

Step 2: Set up your new home

             * Set up utilities (ie: Gas, Electric, Water, etc.)
             * Check your options for TV, High Speed Internet and Telephone Service.

Step 3: Get organized for move day

             * Find a mover or truck rental and arrange for storage. Visit our Movers page for 
                more information. 
             *  Stock up on packing essentials (boxes, tape, etc.).
             * Make move day arrangements for travel, lodging, children, the elderly and pets.

Step 4: Notify organizations about your move

             * Forward your catalogs to continue receiving them in your new home. USPS does not 
                automatically forward catalogs. 
             *  Update your driver's license and, if necessary, your license plates.
             * Change or update your insurance providers: you might qualify for lower car insurance rate 
                based on your new neighborhood.

Step 5: Clean and de-stock

             * Buy cleaning supplies, trash bags and boxes.
             * Begin cleaning and destocking process (sweep, mop floors, clean out fridge, etc.) 
             * Create a meal plan for the days leading up to your move. Stop buying perishables.
             * Go through your medicine cabinet and dispose of expired medications.

Step 6: Get Packed

             * Make an inventory list for insurance purposes and make sure you have collected all your 
             * Check your safe deposit box, make sure you have birth certificates, passports, and other 
                documents. Make sure you've gotten everything back from the dry cleaners, spare keys 
                from neighbors, etc.
             * Create your Move Day Survival Kit of things you'll need to keep with you on move day. 
                Include payment for movers and cash for move day tipping, medications, tools, chargers, 
                flashlights, parking permits, keys to your new home, snacks, toiletries, etc.

Step 7: Getting to know your new home

             * Identify location of meters, furnace, security system codes, smoke detectors, etc.
             * Add or update home security system and change your locks.
             * Find out about trash and recycling days.

Step 8: Update official records & tell your friends

             * Register to Vote: Some states have a waiting period before your voter registration 
                becomes official. Make sure to register as soon as possible.
             * Transfer medical records, prescriptions, dental and school records.
             * Tell friends and family you've moved.

Step 9: Explore your new neighborhood

             * Look into your public transportation options
             * Learn about local schools or colleges. 
             * Visit our counties page to learn more about the area you are going to visit including 
                service providers such as Realtors, Lawyers, Banks, Builders, Title Companies, 
                Insurance Agents, Mortgage Companies, Moving Companies, Cleaning/Maid Services, 
                Lawn services, Furniture Stores, Handymen, Hotels, Car Rentals, Doctors Dentists, 
                Pharmacies and Veterinarians.
             * Identify new service providers in the area such as contractors, babysitters, etc. Using 
                contractors who have worked in your neighborhood before so you can save your time 
                 and money since they'll already be familiar with local zoning laws and ordinances.
             * Subscribe to the local newspaper.





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